Clean Eating

Would you be surprised to hear that there really aren’t any health goals you can achieve without it?

The above question may seem extreme, but the simple truth is, you just cannot get healthy without eating healthy. You can exercise from the time the rooster crows until the cows come home, but if you make a run through your local drive-through afterwards, you just are not going to get anywhere fast.

Food is the big ticket to good health. If you eat garbage, your body will show it. If you eat whole, healthy and fresh foods, your body, skin and soul will glow with health that gives you endless energy.

At Arabesque all of our food is prepared fresh on the premises, non of our recipes are cooked in fat, all of our meat is cooked on a charcoal BBQ grill & we have dishes that cater for Vegetarians and people with Wheat & Gluten allergies. We aim to prepare and serve clean, healthy food to all of our customers.